Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 14 - Hanning

The first hour of my day was spent filing a report with the campus safety office about the recent damage to my car. After that i went to Kelsey's lab (because mine was being cleaned) to make a few more 3D surface plots of the paper and I also read a couple articles of propagated ultrasound detection. The basic idea is that a lower resolution transducer can pick up smaller objects then theoretically possible by receiving data from the horizontally propagated waves after collision with the surface. The rest of my day consisted of understanding the post processing matlab script to make a program that creates a Hanning window over the data to focus on the most important part.
This is a 3D model of the surface of photo paper, as you can see there are multiple very small (900 micron thick) lines that run across the  paper this is the key to what makes photo paper hold so much ink.

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