Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 6 - Problem Solved

Today one of Maria's grad students came back from vacation to finish up his paper on bio-films. He showed me that the problem with the data sharing between the oscilloscope and the computer was because the ip address was DHCP instead of static as I had assumed(silly me!). once we made the change in the labVIEW program everything forked great.
The rest of the day was spent determining the PSF (point spread function), the pint of this(haha pun) is to find the resolution of the transducers by seeing how well it images a point in space and how much noise around the wire exits. In the image to the right that rounded object is a 1,000 micron thick wire. but this image shows this point as being 6,000 microns in width, this is the point spread function. Now we know that any step size between reading smaller than this is simply a waste of time, because then you are collecting redundant data that will eventually be over lapped.

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