Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 5 - Epic Fail

First thing in the morning I come in and my computer is quarantined on the RIT network, for "unknown" reasons. So when I come in I spend about 45 minutes talking to the ITS help desk to receive guidance from their infinite knowledge of computing. And as if I was calling a corporate help-desk I was passed along from person to person because no one could fix my problem, then at last they passed me on to Brett (the CIS tech specialist) I   soon remembered that he was only 6 doors down the hall. So I just hung up the phone and walked down to his room he told me to talk to Jordan in the computer lab. After bringing him to my lab he quickly fixed the problem with some more discussion with the help-desk. At this point we are about two hours into my day, and now that I can access all of my data on the network drive called Tank I can start another scan. But the program continued to crash because it was having trouble connecting to the oscilloscope. After lunch I couldn't fix the problem so to prevent from making the entire day a loss, I went upstairs and started working with Kelsey on making another program in Matlab to process multiple images into 3 different spectrum's.

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